Picture yourself; sunglasses on, basking in the sun as you drift off into a nice, long, well-deserved rest outside your Port A Escapes condo rental. Let’s face it, we know that the summer comes on all too quickly and before you know it, it’s gone! Take time this spring to plan your getaway to Port A Escapes on Mustang Island. To help you along the way, here are our favorite things to do in Port Aransas Texas on the water!

Fly High Parasailing

Feel light as a feather as you soar to heights reaching over two-hundred feet parasailing with Chute Em’ Up Parasailing located just miles from Port A Escapes! As you glide along, pay attention to the Captain as dolphins will be pointed out to you along the way. Unlike a rollercoaster, the ride is similar to a swing in a park and is meant to be peaceful as you sail over open water in Port Aransas. Strap on your GoPro so that you’re able to show your friends and family back home your joyride that fits up to three! Parasail into the open blue as this water activity is at the top of our list of things to do in Port Aransas Texas and will be worth every penny!

Paddleboarding into the Blue

At Port A H20, you’ll be given a short, informative lesson on the different techniques used to navigate a paddleboard. Paddleboarding is a simple watersport for all ages to take pleasure in. If you’re bringing along a little one too small to navigate their board, no problem! Gave them sit on the board with you! Start at the Port Aransas City Marina as you head out into calm, open water. A variety of safe locations will be suggested to you as well so that you’re able to go out on your own! You may witness a sea turtle moseying along as you graciously glide your paddleboard along. Connect with the sounds of dolphins splashing out from the water and birds singing all around you as you take momentary pauses on your board to focus on the views surrounding you. Paddleboarding is an excellent sport for adults, kids, those seasoned, and beginners.

Port A H20

You’ll be able to make lasting memories on the water with your family at Port A H20. Along with renting stand up paddleboards, you’ll be able to rent kayaks, jet skis, and enjoy all kinds of surfing from kitesurfing to wakesurfing – the list goes on! Fly over waves as you splash into summer on a jet ski rental from Port A H20. Hold your loved one as you look overboard and see dolphins emerging from the water during a beautiful sunset on a private boat charter. Port A H20 will be a favorite stop of places to see and things to do in Port Aransas Texas.

Port Aransas TexasPrivate Pool Rentals at Port A Escapes

Whether you’re on the tropical beach, relaxing on a boat, or lounging near your private pool at Port A Escapes, this summer will be all about the water! With over two hundred Port Aransas vacation rentals to choose from, you’ll have the perfect stay suited to your needs! To speak with a friendly staff member about booking your stay, call 1-361-749-2300! Don’t forget, with numerous dog-friendly rentals in Port Aransas Texas, you’ll even be able to bring Spot along on your venture to the water!