Join us at the Texas coast this fall for the annual Harvest Moon Regatta! While Texas is known for its delicious food and great music, it is also home to a great sailing scene! Yacht owners from around the country flock to the Lone Star State at the end of October to take part in North America’s largest port-to-port race, the Harvest Moon Regatta. Whether you are participant looking to get in on the action or a vacationer with love for all things sailing, book a stay with Port A Escapes and experience this incredible race!

About the Race

As the largest port-to-port yacht race in the country, a plethora of vessels make their way down to the Gulf over the last weekend in October. Cruising, racing, spinnaker, and non-spinnaker craft are manned by their crews with hopes of beating out the competition. The yachts depart from Galveston, Texas, and cruise through the offshore seas finishing in Port A, just minutes from your beautiful vacation rentals provided by Port A Escapes. Harvest Moon has been a Texas coast staple since 1987 and has provided the two cities with plenty of good times. Whether you are new to the sport or a veteran, this race will be incredibly entertaining.

Things to Remember

Much has changed since the early days of the regatta. With the use of today’s technology, you can track all of the competing vessels in real time with the Harvest Moon Live Tracking and Replay feature. Learn valuable information about the state of the race as it is going on! Along with this, you can visit the Harvest Moon Regatta website for a countdown timer to the event, to help you get hyped. Also, don’t forget to visit the merchandise page and pick up some great gear provided by the race.

Port A Escapes, Texas

Be sure to come down to gorgeous Port A, Texas, and be part of the Harvest Moon Regatta magic. This beautiful city is well worth a visit, and a stay at Port A Escape’s fantastic vacation rentals makes it that much sweeter. Experience the Texas coast in a new way this October!