Make your way to Port Aransas, Texas, this winter and take advantage of the plethora of exciting things to do. Book one of the comfortable Port Aransas vacation rentals with Port A Escapes and enjoy a relaxing Gulf Coast getaway this season. The Texas coast is packed with entertaining events and activities perfect for a weekend trip. While experiencing all that the Lone Star State has to offer, make your way to the Corpus Christi Bay and visit the USS Lexington Museum! Continue reading to learn more about this majestic ship and the best way to enjoy this part of American history.

About the Ship

Whether you’re a history buff or merely an interested visitor, learning a bit about this storied vessel and national landmark is one of the most entertaining and exciting things to do in Port A. Originally commisioned in 1942, the 910-foot-long Lexington was in the final stages of construction when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The vessel quickly completed training and sailed to the US base to join the Fifth Fleet. This huge Essex Class aircraft-carrier was initially named the US Cabot, but when the original ship bearing the Lexington name sunk in a battle with Japanese forces off the coast of Australia, the Lexington name was reinstated. The ship was unofficially known to adversaries as ‘The Blue Ghost,’ due to the numerously reported sinkings and its resilient returns to battle. Throughout its Pacific Theater career, the Lexington and crew shot down hundreds of enemy aircraft and sunk millions of tons of cargo. After World War Two, the vessel served as a presence during various conflicts and for training purposes until its retirement in 1991 to Corpus Christi Bay, less than an hour from Port Aransas.

How to Visit the USS Lexington

If you are like many Americans who have an interest in the massive US Naval ships of World War Two, then you are in luck! This incredible piece of United States Maritime history offers a vast variety of tours, events, and experiences. Make your way to the Corpus Christi Bay from your beautiful Port A accommodations and step foot aboard one of the most successful US aircraft carriers. Walk the deck and hallways of this massive ship and experience what life was like at sea for the heroic American Navy. Make your visit precisely what you want by choosing from either the guided or self-guided tours. Also, take advantage of the attractions provided by the museum. Experience the “day which will live in infamy” in the impressive Pearl Harbor Exhibit, watch an exciting 3D movie in the onboard Mega Theater, prepare for war in the Virtual Battle Stations and Flight Simulator, and tour through the detailed Scale Model Gallery.

Port A Escapes

A stay in beautiful Port Aransas with Port A Escapes will provide you with a long list of incredible events and activities to experience. Take a day trip to Corpus Christi and visit the USS Lexington Museum. Take a step back in time as you learn about the fascinating past of one of the most magnificent ships in US Naval history. An exciting winter getaway is waiting for you in Texas. Call now or visit the Port A Escapes website today to book your trip and check out the USS Lexington!